British Fly Fair International 2018

February 12, 2018

All good things must come to an end. Another amazing fly fair behind us. It’s hard to chill out and get back to the reality, after two days spent with great tyers in fantastic atmosphere. It’s a great honour for us that we were invited for this year’s edition of the show, and we’d like to thank Bridgette Cooper, Steve Cooper from Cookshill and Phil Varney from Veniard for that. The work you put into preparing this show requires a standing ovation.

It was a great experience to see old friends again and meet new ones.

We want to say big thank you to Deer Creek Pro Team members: Nickolas Wright, David Hise and Andy Pandy Saunders for your kindness, help and support us. And our neighbours from Tyers Row for a lot of fun.
Thank you Paul Slaney for your help and support for us every time. Your help is invaluable.
Thank you František Hanák for your support for our shows this year.
Thanks also everyone who visited us on our stands. It was extremely nice to talk with you all.
This year’s BFFI is history, but we are already at next year's edition in our thoughts. Hopefully see you there again.
All the best,
Magda and Michał

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