Wet Flies

Wet fly fishing is the oldest of all fly fishing methods. These flies are imitations of the intermediate stage between the nymph and the imago. In this section, we focus on classic winged patterns, as well as wingless flies of the "spider" style.
Most of our patterns are dedicated to trout and grayling fishing but there are also patterns for sea trouts or flies used in fishing chub, ide, perch etc. What distinguishes wet flies from dry flies and what are the differences in construction? First of all, the hook on which a fly is tied. In the case of wet flies, the hooks are heavier, and thus allow us to sink our lure more easily in water. The second important difference is the materials from which wet flies are made. We use easily absorbing water feathers, fur and sometimes various types of synthetics. Usually these are highly "mobile" materials that make our flies "alive" in water. For this purpose, we use soft feathers of various birds. The materials that we use most frequently are saddle and neck feathers of hens, partridges, starlings, grouses etc.

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