Flies for a fishermen are what bullets are for hunters, a very practical necessity. As much as I do appreciate and marvel at the pieces of art that some fly dressers create on a vise, my fishing demands for downright practical flies for easy, tough… well any type of conditions really. I am a great admirer and follower of many fly dressers; I just love their approach of redefining old pattern, creating some entirely new ones or simply tweaking them to new levels. It’s inspiring to see how many great minds are caught up in the simple question of arranging fur and feathers around a hook. Michał Zapał’s pattern and materials are amongst my favorites for many various reasons. Fish flies that are easy to retie, neatly proportioned pattern that are appealing to both anglers and fish… and I could go on. His page is a great source of inspiration and I cannot wait to receive my packages with materials to retie his flies. He’s quick, very kind, reliable and most of all always available for a chat and some tips. I have fished countless variations of the peeping caddis, his peeping worm version had scored most of my big fish lately and has become a never-to-leave-the-house-withoutit pattern. Thank you, Michal, for the great service! Tight Lines, Stephan Dombaj Fly Fishing Nation


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